Environmental Services

​We provide services which minimize environmental liability and maximize beneficial water reuse. (Environmental Phase One Inspection and Environmental Impact Statements, State Certified Drinking Water Lab, State Certified Sewer Maintenance personnel.) We offer: Bid Preparation, Job Specifications, Job Detailing, Permitting and Environmental Impact Statements.


Our Services

Wastewater Services include:

  • Treatment Plant Operations and Maintenance
  • Extended Aeration
  • Recirculating Gravel Filter
  • Lagoon
  • Treatment Plant Monitoring
  • Sampling as required in MDNR Operating Permit
  • Analysis as required in MDNR Operating Permit
  • MDNR Operating Permit Requirements
  • Provide NPDES Report
  • Provide Annual Sludge Report
  • Record Keeping

Drinking Water Services include:

  • Well Head Inspection
  • Sample Collection
  • Sample Analysis
  • Public Water System Operation

Alpha Engineering Wastewater & Drinking Water Services

Our staff of professional engineers continually update their knowledge base of the latest technology, which translates into quicker turnaround times and lower costs for our clients.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Alpha Engineering & Surveying saved my client hundreds on their Flood Insurance”

Chuck Foster, Mortgage Consultant, Community Bank

“Amazingly they came out, did the survey and had the LOMA in less than 24 hours, they not only saved my investment but saved my real estate deal!

Philip Houghton, Property Owner

Alpha Engineering & Surveying was fast, professional, and courteous; I did not have to worry about a thing, I would recommend using them for all of my land survey needs.”

Bill Andersen, Homeowner

“Even though we were still in the flood plain our new elevation certificate lowered our flood insurance by $897.”

Susan Gepford, Property Owner